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Visitors from Tainan

Work and Mission

‧Strengthen families through a variety of activities and classes

‧Train and employ volunteers to promote family services

‧Combine academia and community to fully promote family education

‧Provide diversified services for enhancing family education

Scope of Family Education

‧Parental Education: Activities to increase parental skills

‧Children Education: Activities aimed to promote the role of children

‧Gender Education: Activities geared to enhance education on gender relationships

‧Marital Education: Activities designed to develop spousal relationships

‧Family Education: Activities designed to increase respect and care among household members

‧Family Resource Management: Activities aimed at enhancing family resource management skills

‧Other Activities

Service Provided to You

1.School System

‧Employ family education on-campus teams

‧Collaborate with schools to promote "a family of learning"

‧Create plans for parent-child English studies

‧Promote 4-hr. family education classes at all grade-levels

‧Hold various family education learning-exchange activities

2.Promotional Activities

‧Promote "Family Reading"

‧Hold "Marriage Classes"

‧Hold Pre-marital information courses

‧Foster various diverse family volunteer activities

‧Integrate social resources to promote family education

3.Consulting Services

‧TEL: 25419981 Help and Consultation Hotline

‧More information provided on the Family Education Center’s website

Hours of Operation

‧Monday thru Friday (except holidays): 8:30am-12:00pm ; 1:30pm-5:30pm

‧Help and Consultation Hotline