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Department of Education

Events and Activities

NO.TitlePublish Date
1Recent Activities (10/19-10/25)2019-10-18
2Recent Activities (10/12-10/18)2019-10-09
32019 Zoolloween2019-10-07
4Recent Activities (10/5-10/11)2019-10-05
5Recent Activities (9/28-10/4)2019-09-27
6Cinema of Taipei Public Library2019-05-23
7Parent-Child Cinema 2019-05-23
8Calligraphy Courses2018-02-22
9Taipei City Youth Development City Concert takes place on every month.2018-02-22
10Skate Lessons2018-02-22
11Director Wu.received 7 educational representatives from Shanghai to introduce the visions of Teachers’In-service Education Center to help teachers accomplish their goal of lifelong study and further educational development2013-04-13
12Director Wu. received 33 educational representatives from Gansu Province to introduce the comprehensive programs and current educational training development formulated with the policies to pave the way for success of educational reform2013-03-21
13Family learning classes series2013-01-02
14Marriage Course2013-01-02
15National Grandparents Day2013-01-02
16Director Wu. received 13 educational representatives from Shanghai to introduce the recent educational training programs concerning preschool education in theory and practice aiming to make improvements and innovation in training performance2012-11-22
17Director Wu. received 11 educational representatives from Jilin with warm and affectionate enthusiasm to introduce the current policies and curriculum development between two cultures as well as education systems deeply impressed on the administrative staff members to make efforts for education 2012-11-22
18Director Wu. Received 18 educational representatives from Beijing to introduce the comprehensive and rational programs formulated with the policies to make teachers keep abreast of the current trends2012-09-20
19Director Wu. received 14 educational representatives from Singapore to introduce our in-service training programs2012-09-06
20Director Wu received 12 educational representatives from Shanghai to introduce the history of our center and share the visions2012-05-26