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How can I enroll my child in a public kindergarten in Taipei City?

1. For children meeting the priority criteria (e.g., children of the staff of Taipei City Government, of low-income families, with a physically/mentally handicapped parent, of an aboriginal family, and with foreign nationality): Children with foreign nationality should be registered in Taipei City (a valid passport and an Alien Residence Permit are required) and at least 5 years old by Sept. 1st in the year of application. 2. For general children's enrollment: (1) First phase: for children registered within the school district and at least 5 years old. (2) Second phase: after the first phase if there are still vacancies, children at least 4 years old can be enrolled without school district limitation (5 year-old children have the priority in the order of registration). In case the number of applicants is over the maximum capacity of the school, an admission draw will be held.