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Department of Education


Announcement of Taipei City’s Chinese-Learning Scholarships

The deadline is extended to 15th of June.

The 2018 Taipei City Chinese Language Study Scholarships, as part of the Program for Enhancing International Exchange, is granted to encourage city-to-city exchange and to inspire more people who are interested in Chinese culture to come and study Chinese in Taipei.

A total of ten scholarships will be awarded to ten different recipients selected among applicants from Taipei’s sister cities, partner cities and friendly cities over the world. Each award comprises a monthly allowance of NT$25,000 for six consecutive months, from September 2018 to February 2019. The scholarship is designed to help awardees pay for their tuition, health insurance, accommodation and other day-to-day expenses. Applicants should follow the guidelines in the attached announcement. In particular, guideline 11 requires recipients to participate in cultural exchange activities arranged by the Taipei City government and associated sponsors.

A selection committee will be set up by Taipei to choose scholarship recipients. Prospective candidates should submit a completed application along with the letter of recommendation to the Taipei City Department of Education by 31 May 2018. If we can be of service in any way, please contact the program coordinator, Miss Jhih Ying Jiang, by e-mail at edu_rd.25@mail.taipei.gov.tw or by fax at +886-2-2720-5660.

Sister Cities
No. Continents Country City
1 North America Texas, USA Houston
2 California, USA San Francisco
3 Guam, USA Guam
4 Ohio, USA Cleveland
5 Indiana, USA Indianapolis
6 Texas, USA Marshall
7 Arizona, USA Phoenix
8 California, USA Los Angeles
9 Georgia, USA Atlanta
10 Oklahoma, USA Oklahoma
11 Massachusetts, USA Boston
12 Texas, USA Dallas
13 South America Republic of Dominicana Santo Domingo
14 Republic of Honduras Tegucigalpa
15 Republic of Costa Rica San José
16 Republic of Paraguay Asunción
17 Republic of Panama Panamá
18 Republic of Nicaragua Managua
19 Republic of El Salvador San Salvador
20 Republic of Bolivia La Paz
21 Republic of Guatemala Guatemala
22 Mexico San Nicolas
23 Republic of Ecuador Quito
24 Africa Togolese Republic Lome
25 Republic of Benin Cotonou
26 Republic of South Africa Pretoria
27 Republic of Malawi Lilongwe
28 Republic of Senegal Dakar
29 Republic of The Gambia Banjul
30 Republic of Guinea-Bissau Bissau
31 Kingdom of Swaziland Mbabane
32 Republic of Liberia Monrovia
33 Burkina Faso Ouagadougou
34 Republic of South Africa Johannesburg
35 Europe Republic of Poland Warsaw
36 Republic of Lithuania Vilnius
37 Republic of Latvia Riga
38 French Republic Versailles
39 Asia Republic of the Philippines Manila
40 Republic of the Philippines Quezon
41 Republic of Korea Seoul
42 Republic of Korea Daegu gwangyeoksi
43 The Republic of Buryatia Ulan-Ude
44 Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
45 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Jeddah
46 Oceania Republic of the Marshall Islands Majuro
47 Commonwealth of Australia Gold Coast
friendly cities
1 North America California, USA Orange County
2 Europe Republic of Finland Helsinki
3 Asia Malaysia Penang Island
4 Republic of Korea Gyeonggi Province
5 Oceania Commonwealth of Australia Perth
partner cities
1 North America Alaska, USA Anchorage
2 Asia Japan Yokohama
3 Oceania New Zealand Wellington