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Fattie the Pangolin’s Legends on Taiwan’s Path to Pangolin Conservation

On the morning of September 8, 2021, Fattie the pangolin died peacefully at the age of 23 and 9 months, accompanied by caregivers and veterinarians. Fattie is the first pangolin born at Taipei Zoo and is even confirmed the oldest pangolin on record. His life has gone through the start and development of Formosan pangolin conservation. And he is crucial in helping caregivers collect more information about pangolin husbandry techniques, leaving a legacy of being an icon of pangolin conservation memories behind.
Fattie was found to have early signs of kidney failure in a 2018 health check. In mid-August this year, he began displaying symptoms of end-stage kidney failure, including reduced food intake. Then, in early September, his energy level dropped dramatically with refusal to drink and eat. Thinking of animal welfare, the caregiving team decided to euthanize Fattie, letting him die peacefully in sleep on September 8 (Wed.) morning.
In the past, information on the medical management of pangolins was quite limited. Coupled with their particular dietary habits and timid personality, rescued individuals often died from a bleeding stomach ulcer. Throughout his life, Fattie sees and supports the caregiving team’s conservation effort on Formosan pangolin; he has tasted all versions of diet recipes, for example. He is a super dad with most offspring in a family of pangolins at Taipei Zoo.
Pangolin conservation hasn’t stopped since. It remains urgent for your participation in protecting Formosan pangolins to help improve their future sustainability on the island.