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Yang, Shu-Fei director
Director: Yang, Shu-Fei

Name: Dr. Shu-Fei Yang


• Ph.D, Department of Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Main experiences:

• Director of School Inspector’s Office in the Department of Education, Taipei City Government
• Division Chief, Inspector, Research Fellow in the Department of Education, Taipei City Government

I. Core Values

• Love: There is nothing else essential to education other than love and setting a good exemplar. The love is for others and for oneself as well as the love for teaching.

• Truth: Stimulate potential abilities and zest for life. Pursue truth and strive for public benefits.

• Wisdom: Diverse viewpoints, integration of thought, applied learning, and positive influence.

• Excellence: Quality, value, innovation, and foresight to achieve the best.

II. Visions

• iLearning

• iInnovation

• New Future

III. Operation Objectives

The "3e"s of teachers’ professional development-

• Enrich - enriching the teaching profession of teachers.

• Enable - enabling teachers to be learning experts.

• Empower - empowering teachers’ professional development.

Setting Work Objectives
Setting the Objectives

IV. Plans

(I) Specific plans:

The next three years will be planned according to Department of Education Commissioner concepts of "diversity, innovation, foresight, and excellence." The specific plans are as follows:

  1. Providing diverse, innovative and excellent professional development courses.
  2. Recruiting quality professionals to bolster human resources.
  3. Facilitating communication, coordination and problem resolving.
  4. Establishing a service team which is customer-oriented, professional, friendly, highly effective, and innovative.
  5. Preparing excellent principals and school leaders in accordance with the 12-year public education policy.
  6. Preparing seed teachers for teaching enlivenment in accordance with the 12-year public education policy.
  7. Providing diverse, innovative and excellent courses in accordance with the 12-year public education policy.
  8. Providing learning courses for the board of directors of private schools and kindergartens to strengthen the administrative effectiveness of private schools.
  9. Constructing a platform for teachers to share their knowledge and experiences through the publications of Teacher's Forum and Online Weekly Education Newsletter.
  10. Updating and maintaining the website of Teacher In-Service Education; strengthening the the usage of multimedia educational resource.
  11. Improving the preparation approaches and service effectiveness of counselors and volunteers.
  12. Creating a comfortable, graceful, and green learning environment.
  13. Conducting the Taipei Quality School selection and the award ceremony.
  14. Conducting the Taipei Education 111 Benchmark School selection and the award ceremony.
  15. Conducting the Taipei Honored Contributors to Education selection and the award ceremony.
  16. Conducting the Curriculum and Instruction Pioneering Project in Taipei Senior and Vocational High Schools.
  17. Conducting citywide and international educational conferences, forums and exchanges.

(II) Innovative Plans:

  1. Formulating a core development plan in accordance with city government policies and Department of Education’s policy plans.
  2. Creating a performance management system; constructing a learning organization and innovative organizational culture.
  3. Focusing on research and development and conducting foresight research as to teaching and professional development.
  4. Conducting innovative programs and exchanges for experimental education.
  5. Promoting the exchange of enlivenment education in relation to the 12-year public education policy.
  6. And others.

Web of Strategic Union Resources
A Network of Strategic Alliance and Resource

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