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Vietnam Festival- Multicultural Activities in Taipei Municipal Jingmei Elementary School

Vietnam Festival- Multicultural Activities in Taipei Municipal Jingmei Elementary School

Taipei Municipal Jingmei Elementary School currently has more than fifty new immigrant family enrollments with the highest proportions coming from Vietnam. Those Vietnamese mothers came to Taiwan and successfully merged into this big Taiwan family. Since their growth background could be a valuable cultural asset, we hoped to arrange the children of Jingmei elementary school more opportunities to experience and understand the fruitful Vietnamese culture through this Festival.

The activity was mainly comprised of two parts; first part was “Understanding of Vietnam Culture”: The school counseling office contacted with an unofficial Vietnamese performing group (8-10 members) whom were keen on the Vietnamese art and culture performance through the Department of Labor, Taipei City Government. They wore the traditional Vietnamese costume, performing a series of dancing and singing and with an advance announcement of a spectacular fire dancing show, which believe can satisfy everyone’s visual enjoyment and expectation.

The second part of the activity was “Taste of Vietnam”. In addition to watching the performance, students also had opportunities to taste the Vietnamese most famous food “Vietnamese Spring Rolls”. School prepared the Vietnam rice paper, rice vermicelli, cucumber, shredded pork and other ingredients for students to have hands-on experience wrapping the Vietnamese Spring Rolls. The wrapped up rolls displayed transparent patterns, tasting extremely delicious with staining the sweet and sour fish dipping sauce.

The school hoped to provide students different cultural baptism and experience through the multicultural entertaining performance and food tasting events, and to broaden their life experience and international vision. The press was welcomed to join this event.

● Program Schedule

 Time and Location  Program Topic  Program Contents

13:30-14:10      Vietnam     1.I want to know you…”Vietnam”, Power Point
3F Student Activity    Festival     Presentation, Trivia Game
Center                   2.Vietnam Cultural Festival: Traditional Vietnamese
                       Fashion Show, Vietnamese Dance and Song Performances.
14:20-15:00      Taste of     Hands-on Experience “Vietnamese Spring Roll”
Classrooms        Vietnam

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